Communicating with Confidence: Graphically Recorded!

June 2022:

On June 3, Gerard Murphy was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Patient and Family Advisor Conference 2022, hosted by Nova Scotia Health. Gerard’s presentation was titled Confident Communication: Secrets to Speaking Up. The goal of the keynote address was to help participants boost their assertive communication skills and thrive in their role as Patient and Family Advisors. The presentation was graphically recorded by Susan MacLeod, who kindly gave us permission to post the outputs and help us share with you the themes of the presentation!
This first recording highlights the key take-aways from the participants during their breakout sessions. Participants shared their top communication tips ranging from tone of voice, concise language, body language and differences between in-person or virtual communication.
In this second recording, Gerard discusses how by focusing your energy on your response to a repetitive behaviour, you can better control the outcome. By choosing how to react during a conversation, you demonstrate how you are willing to be treated. In the Health Care sector, patient and family advisors need to be assertive to best represent their lived experiences.
Communicating with confidence requires you to use all your communication tools to their best performance! In this recording, the importance of body language, voice and word usage is put into the spotlight alongside other tips to get the most out of your conversations. Sharpening these key communication skills are critical to building your confidence when communicating.
In this final recording, Gerard speaks to the difference between acknowledging and agreeing during a conversation. The communication technique of “Agreement/Assertion” includes two key elements. First, acknowledging the other person’s position or emotion, followed by the use of basic assertive statements, such as ‘I need’ and ‘I want’.
Thanks again to Susan MacLeod for capturing this presentation graphically and for allowing us to share her artwork to elaborate on the discussions held during the conference. Have these snapshots given you some insights into the conversations that were held, or helped spark your own thoughts on how to communicate with confidence? Tag us on social media if you have your own thoughts or comments to share!

The Barefoot Facilitation Team