We’re thrilled to be bringing back our holiday tradition of #Barefoot4Barefeet, a sock drive hosted by Barefoot Facilitation, aimed to bring our clients, partners and more together to help collect new socks and other clothes donations for people in need.

Our goal for the 2022 holiday season is 300 socks.

Current donation estimate: 50 socks

How can I help?

I’d like my workplace to join in and contribute:
We’d be glad to have you join! The process couldn’t be easier, – click the join button below and complete the form. We’ll be in touch shortly after with a media package that includes everything you’ll need to get started.

All you’ll need to do afterwards is set up a box for donations, and choose a local donation group to your workplace to give your donations to at the end of the sock drive!
Process to joining #Barefoot4BarefeetStep 1: Complete the sign-up form by clicking the Join button below. There we will ask you for your workplace name, address, and details for a primary contact person.

Step 2: Once we’ve received your sign-up, we’ll follow-up with a full #Barefoot4Barefeet package that includes instructions, graphics and messaging on how to setup and spread the word about #Barefoot4Barefeet.

Step 3: Setup your donation box using the provided instructions and graphics, and you’re all set!

Step 4: Keep us posted about your progress and send us pictures to share and spotlight on our website and social media!

Step 5: Once we;ve reached the week of December 19th, we’ll ask you to tally your results and share them with us. Then you’re free to drop off your donations to a local group of your choice!
Frequently asked questionsWho will the donations go to?
We encourage you to pick a donation group local to you to drop off donations at the end of the campaign. Our clients reach far and wide across Canada and beyond, and we’d like this campaign to do the same!

How do I collect donations?
Simply setup any standard box for donations in a space that’s convenient for your workplace, and use the graphics/messaging included in the communications package we’ll provide you with to help label and communicate it amongst your staff.

When does the campaign start/end?
You’re free to start collecting donations as early as you’d like! The campaign ends the week of December 19th, when we’ll ask you to tally your results and send them along to us to compile. Once you’ve sent us your final numbers, you’re free to give them to your donation group of choice.

Can we collect more than just new socks?
The primary focus of this campaign is to collect new pairs of socks, however other donations are welcome. Check with your donation group of choice for any additional donations they may be accepting.
I’d like to make an individual donation:
Easy! Bring a pair of new socks, and drop them off at any participating workplaces listed at the bottom of this page!

Donations will be accepted from participating workplaces from whenever your see their donation box set-up until the week of December 19th, where we’ll be tallying and sharing the results of everyone’s collaborations! If you can, snap a pic and tag #Barefoot4Barefeet on social media while you’re at it and encourage others to contribute!

Who do the donations go to?

All contributing workplaces will be donating to a local group of their choice. Our clients and collaborators spread far across Canada and beyond, and we’d like our sock drive to do the same! Ask a contact person at any participating workplaces who their donation group of choice is.

#Barefoot4Barefeet collaborators: