Caring Without Carrying: Tips to Unburden Yourself

May 2022:

On Thursday, May 5th, the Early Childhood Development Association of PEI hosted an in-person Spring Pre-Conference Day titled Caring Without Carrying: How to Unburden Yourself. Gerard Murphy, founder and president of Barefoot Facilitation Inc. facilitated the session.

The day was designed to help participants learn about the impact of carrying too much and how to take control of external emotions. During the session they discussed how to create healthy boundaries to carry less, without caring less.

Here’s a summary of participants’ top strategies to better offer care for others without carrying their burdens:
Create boundaries
Understand your limits and ‘build a fence’ so that you don’t overstep what you’re capable of offering. Set rules and stand by them.

Communicate your boundaries
Once you’ve set your boundaries, clearly communicate them to others. Be affirmative around what is expected and help others who might attempt to push beyond your capabilities.
Remain professional
Respect what others have to say and always respond professionally. Stay committed to your boundaries and continue to communicate your limits.

Acknowledge, without engaging
Listen actively and acknowledge the other person’s experience. Demonstrate compassion, ask questions and limit your level of engagement.
Own your time
Know when you’re capable of listening/supporting others and set time limits so that others’ stories don’t bleed into the rest of your work time. Protect your break time and set specific time periods for people to bring forward issues or concerns.
Separate work and home
Leave your work at work. And demonstrate your commitment to ‘balance’ by telling others about your intention to keep home and work life separate.

Say “no”
Learn to say no, without guilt. Avoid taking on others’ emotions or accepting more tasks than you can manage.
Participants also brainstormed some practical tips for making the most of their time. Here’s what they had to say:
  • delegate tasks, as needed
  • make and use a ‘to do’ list
  • set up an automatic email-response while you’re away
  • stick to your personal schedule (ie: sleep and exercise)
  • shut off your work phone after hours
  • take time for yourself
What do YOU do to carry less, without caring less? How do you create healthy boundaries? What’s ONE action you will do to better care for others without carrying their problems into your life? Visit our socials and tag us with anything you’ve learned reading this summary.

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Thanks again to the Early Childhood Development Association of PEI for hosting this session and inviting Gerard Murphy to facilitate!

Gerard Murphy
President and Founder,
Barefoot Facilitation Inc.