Facilitating Process

We use a facilitative approach in every aspect of our work.

We believe in the power of people and the experiences they bring to a conversation. It all starts at our first meeting. Whether we are facilitating an in-person or online process, we will work with you to create space for conversations that count.
We will help you and your team come together to engage in important conversations. You might be planning, deciding or solving a problem together. Or you might even be giving input around an issue that you think is really important.

Every process is custom designed. And we utilize a variety of facilitation methods and tools to customize the best solution to meet your needs.

Working together takes time. Whether you’re a work team, a project team or a committee, it takes dedicated effort to function effectively and efficiently. We will help you to grow and work better together. Ask us about our FUN and interactive team building sessions!

We believe in the power of community. And we have a long history of supporting the work of local, community-based organizations. We help to support the growth and development of vibrant communities through the facilitation of:
  • public engagement
  • community conversations
  • stakeholder consultations
  • focus groups

How to Request Barefoot Facilitation

Our facilitation starts with a meeting to assess the right solution for your team. Contact us and we’ll schedule a time to learn more about your scenario, and what we can offer.