What Goes in Your Bag? Prepping Your Meetings Toolkit

August 2022:

As we’re packing to deliver multiple in-person sessions this fall, we’ve been reflecting on how useful a prepped meetings toolkit has been for many sessions in the past. A prepped toolkit on standby helps to ensure you’re prepared for any meeting or session, no matter where you go!

As a meeting facilitator or chairperson, you’ll be hosting conversations of all shapes and sizes, so trying to prepare a toolkit to accommodate your meeting design can seem daunting. Here’s our list of everything to pack to help guide you during your conversation:
1. Stickies (having a variety of sizes and colours helps)

2. Index Cards

3. Pens or Pencils (make sure they’re all in working condition, or bring a small pencil sharpener as backup)
Photo by Ravi Palwe
4. Scent-Free Markers (chisel tip and in a variety of colours – remember to test them!)

5. Note/Writing Paper

6. Tape (masking or green painter’s tape should work best)
7. Pair of Scissors

8. Stapler (remember to check that it’s full of staples!)

9. Elastic Bands or Clips
10. Sticky Putty/Tack

11. Name Tags

12. Coloured Paper
13. Envelopes (small and medium sizes)

14. Sticky Dots

15. Bell or Noise Maker
16. Toys (for kinesthetic learners!)

17. Pack of Playing Cards

18. Hand Sanitizer

19. Non-Medical Masks
Photo by Tai’s Captures
20. Tissue packs

21. Extension Cord (at least 6 feet to be safe!)

22. PowerPoint Clicker (with extra batteries!)

23. Business cards (don’t forget to promote yourself!)
It might seem like a lengthy list, but as a meeting facilitator you never know what tools you may need to create the best experience for participants. All of these basics guarantee that you’ll be ready to adapt and thrive under any scenario, allowing you to showcase your best facilitator-self!

Feeling inspired to re-organize yourself and prep your own meetings toolkit? Snap a photo and tag us on social media – we’d love to see what you’ve put together!

The Barefoot Facilitation Team