Barefoot Announces New Client Experience Coordinator

September 2023:

I am delighted to announce that Joss Pirker (she/her) will join the Barefoot Facilitation Inc. staff team as Client Experience Coordinator on September 12th, based out of Bedford, Nova Scotia.

Joss will expand our team’s capacity as we continue to excel at providing our clients with exceptional facilitation and training solutions that are relaxed and informal, while being results oriented and engaging. She brings an honest and down to earth personality that instantly builds connections.
Joss holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Performing Arts from Brock University and is a recent graduate of the Nova Scotia Community College with a Graduate Certificate (Honours) in Event Management. She has worked extensively in the theater industry contributing in the set design and stage management of multiple stage productions.

I’m excited to welcome Joss as we look forward to shining a light on our growing capabilities in service to our clients, and as we continue to respond to business growth and expansion opportunities across Canada. Please join me in welcoming Joss to the Barefoot staff team.
You can reach Joss at

Gerard Murphy
Founder and CEO
Barefoot Facilitation Inc.