Announcement: Welcoming Nino Kovacevic to the Barefoot Facilitation Inc. Team!

February 2024

Dear Barefoot Facilitation Inc. Community,

I am delighted to announce that Nino Kovacevic (he/him) will join the Barefoot Facilitation Inc. staff team on February 20th as our first Associate Facilitator. 

Nino will bring with him over a decade of experience at the intersection of provincial and national not-for-profit sport governance, organizational and community development.

With his background in designing, implementing, and evaluating adult learning and organizational development programs at both provincial and national levels, Nino brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. His dedication to individual and organizational growth is evident in his diverse skill set and his commitment to ongoing education.

Currently completing the Master of Education in Adult Education and Health program at St. Francis Xavier University, Nino’s passion for learning and development knows no bounds. He thrives on applying theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios, whether through coaching, mentoring, or group facilitation.

What sets Nino apart is his idealistic pragmatism. He believes in grounding our work in established theoretical frameworks while always striving for practical impact and tangible outcomes. Nino is deeply motivated by supporting individuals in uncovering their self-confidence and finding clarity of purpose, making him a perfect fit for Barefoot Facilitation Inc.’s mission.

I am incredibly energized by the prospect of Nino joining the Barefoot Facilitation Inc. team as we continue to shine a light on our growing capabilities in service to our clients, and as we continue to respond to business growth and expansion opportunities across Canada.

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Nino as he embarks on this exciting journey with us.

You can reach Nino at

Warm Regards,
Gerard Murphy
Founder and CEO
Barefoot Facilitation Inc.

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